Nayiri Nahabedian Gets Karma’d… GATTO STYLE!

Apparently Karma has struck back at one of the enemies of Mike Gatto.  Nayiri Nahabedian has lost a major endorsement in her fight with Mary Borger in the race for School Board.  And she only has herself to blame.

You may remember Nahabedian as one of the pathetic joke candidates Mike Gatto crushed as he took control of the 43rd District.  She ran a relentlessly negative campaign against Mike Gatto, which probably had less to do with politics than it did with her obvious desire to possesses him sexually.

Well, the chickens came home to roost today, when Tropico Station, one of the most popular blogs in Glendale, endorsed Nahabedian’s opponent in the race for School Board.   And their anaylysis of the race had absolutely nothing to do with the candidates themselves or the issues at hand.

Take a look for yourself. The only issue that mattered to him was the unfair smear campaign she launched against Gatto during the State Assembly election.

So other enemies of Mike Gatto should be on the lookout… Karma’s a bitch!


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3 Responses to Nayiri Nahabedian Gets Karma’d… GATTO STYLE!

  1. Daulton Gatto (no relation to Mike Gatto) says:

    You can’t blame her for wanting to bang Mike Gatto though.

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