Mike Gatto continued to make the 43rd district proud today when he proposed a bold new bill that would reshape California’s energy future.  The bill would begin harness the energy created by traffic vibrations on California’s highways.

Two new pilot programs would install tiny sensors beneath the highway’s surface.  As cars pass overhead, the stress is converted to an electric charge.  Energy would then be stored in roadside batteries.

Just how much electricity could be saved and stored that way?  Well, it depends on who you ask.  But if you’re asking the handsomest guy in the room, you would be asking Mike Gatto, and he would tell you that in one year, a single kilometer of highway could yield 44 Megawatts.

Futuristic as this program may sound, similar systems are already being used in Italy and Israel.   And the science of “piezoelectrics” could eventually satisfy our demand for power through sources as varied as wind, walking or even dancing.

What’s that you see glistening on the horizon?  Why that’s just the future of California!  Written, directed and produced by Mike Gatto.


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