Mike Gatto’s Armenian Geonocide Bill Passes Judiciary Committee! Turks Angry!

Mike Gatto used the power of the California legislature to to try his best to right one of history’s wrongs when he authored AB 173, a bill seeks to extend the deadline for victims of the Armenian genocide and their heirs to sue insurance companies in the California courts.  The bill passed the bill passed the judiciary committee yesterday in a unanimous vote.

But not everyone is cheering.  The Turkish Peace and Justice committee fired off a critical letter to the office of the 43rd District’s representative.  They urged Mike Gatto to reverse his position, denying victims of a horrendous genocide access to the courts.

And why would they petition against a moral and just piece of legislation?  For money, of course!

“It is shocking to see California lawmakers disregarding U.S. interests at a most vital time for our economic recovery and national security,” raved the angry Turks.

Gatto remained unmoved by Turkey’s concern for the well-being of giant insurance corporations.  “Justice is justice,” declared Gatto in a stirring rebuke,  “And a statement urging me to consider current U.S. interests is not going to rewrite history, nor will it move me from the path of seeking compensation for the victims and their heirs.”

The bill applies to insurance policies that were issued between 1875-1923, in Europe and Asia.  The deadline to file a lawsuit expired at the end of 2010, but Mike Gatto’s bill would extend that deadline until 2020.  This is of special to concern to Gatto, who represents Glendale’s large Armenian population.

We’ll keep you posted on the bill’s final vote as soon as it’s announced.


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