Mike Gatto Announces 43rd District’s Woman Of The Year

Today Mike Gatto took a break from being a hero to honor another hero.  Mike announced the winner of this year’s 43rd District Woman of the Year award.

Mike owned the room as he lauded praise on the honoree, calling her a “model for teachers” throughout this great state. He held the audience rapt as he detailed the personal struggle faced by this year’s honoree, Cynthia Landeros.

Despite being named Glendale’s Teacher of the Year in 2009, she was handed her pink slip the following year during protacted budget disputes with the teacher’s union.  Thanks to President Obama’s stimulus package, there was enough money to pay her salary this year and forgo her termination.  But those funds will expire soon, and those same questions will be faced once more.

“I also chose her because of what she went through last year,” he said to the audience in the palm of his hand. “Receiving a layoff notice after being named Teacher of the Year is illustrative of the type of things teachers are facing with the uncertainty caused by the lack of adequate education funding.”

Mike Gatto will be giving an encore performance on March 21st, when he presents the award live on the floor of the State Assembly, along with the awards from each of the other districts.

Check out the whole story over at the Glendale News-Press. Sadly, there were no pictures posted of the event.  More than likely, Gatto was wearing a dark suit with a light shirt and a classy tie.


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