Commentary: The Internet is a Stinking Dump Not Befitting a Prince Like Mike Gatto (by Jarvis Mitchell)

The Internet is a sad, obsessive and angry place.  In real life, people have sex.  On the internet, they have pornography and bestialities.  In real life, people say hi to friendly strangers they pass.  On the Internet, they read about Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin and other people they don’t like.

And so it is with the world of political blogs.  Especially in California’s 43rd district, where State Assemblyman Mike Gatto has ruffled more than a few feathers by beating a lying Internet nerd blogger at his own game.

Last October, a joke of a blog called “Mayor Sam” published some slanderous lies about councilman Mike Gatto.  Because the Internet is not like Television, there are no standards of decency.  There is no governing body to ensure quality and fairness.

While weak-kneed politicians have cowered at the hollow chest-thumping coming from the Internet, Mike Gatto took a stand.  He directed his attorney to send a polite but direct cease and desist letter.  Mayor Sam was forced to remove his lies, and even issued an apology, explaining that he’d confused State Assemblyman Mike Gatto with some other guy named Mike Gatto.

If his story is true, it only demonstrates how stunningly inept Mayor Sam is at his job.  And bloggers wonder why nobody calls them journalists!

However, as much as I would like to believe that idiocy and  incompetence were to blame for Mayor Sam’s deceitful hit-piece, this was probably just an excuse.

Like the countless other sniveling, misanthropic cowards in his virtual lynch mob, Mayor Sam probably assumed he could get away with publishing any piece of slanderous bile he saw fit to puke up.   After all, who was going to stop him?  It’s the Internet!

Well, Mike Gatto stopped him.  Had there been any shred of truth to Mayor Sam’s posts, they would still be up.  But they are not.  God bless America.

What should have been the end of this shameful saga, may have only been the beginning.  Armies of blogo-nerds have been regrouping after truth’s victory.  Rags like the LA Weekly, Los Angeles Dragnet, The Jenner Jahn Report and Ron Kaye LA are all rallying to Mayor Sam’s defense as they continue to drag Mike Gatto’s name through the mud.

Thankfully, there is now one blog on the Internet that strives for some degree of civil, honest and respectful discourse.  This site is not interested in tearing down Mike Gatto simply because he is successful, beloved, heroic and ruggedly good-looking.  We will report truthfully on all the sweet things that Mike Gatto is doing in the name of California’s 43rd State Assembly District.


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14 Responses to Commentary: The Internet is a Stinking Dump Not Befitting a Prince Like Mike Gatto (by Jarvis Mitchell)

  1. Debby Schultz says:

    Hello Jarvis! Shirley toldd me about youre website and so I came to check it out. Great job. It looks amazing. We are all so proud of you and miss you very much. I can not wait to read more about this Mike Gatto. He sounds like a “Sweet Dude!”

    Aunt Debby

  2. AngelicaNin says:

    oh my god. i love this site. mike gatto is sexxxy.

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