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Mike Gatto’s Armenian Geonocide Bill Passes Judiciary Committee! Turks Angry!

Mike Gatto used the power of the California legislature to to try his best to right one of history’s wrongs when he authored AB 173, a bill seeks to extend the deadline for victims of the Armenian genocide and their … Continue reading

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Mike Gatto Announces 43rd District’s Woman Of The Year

Today Mike Gatto took a break from being a hero to honor another hero.  Mike announced the winner of this year’s 43rd District Woman of the Year award. Mike owned the room as he lauded praise on the honoree, calling … Continue reading

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Ron Kaye Makes a Giant Ass of Himself Trying to Defame Mike Gatto!

I spent some time on Google today, reading more about the scandal that erupted a few months ago when Mike Gatto, Assemblyman for California’s 43rd district, forced a nerd with a blog to take down some defamatory and untrue posts. … Continue reading

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Commentary: The Internet is a Stinking Dump Not Befitting a Prince Like Mike Gatto (by Jarvis Mitchell)

The Internet is a sad, obsessive and angry place.  In real life, people have sex.  On the internet, they have pornography and bestialities.  In real life, people say hi to friendly strangers they pass.  On the Internet, they read about … Continue reading

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Mike Gatto Chooses Conscience. Sweet.

In response to Governor Jerry Brown’s frank assessment of the California budget crisis, in which the Governor said that legislators will have to make serious and painful choices, Mike Gatto urged his fellow State Assembly members to let their conscience, … Continue reading

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Mike Gatto’s Super Sweet Policy on Iran

You may be aware that legislation that would prohibit publicly owned California companies from entering into business relationships with entities that have current contracts with any facet of the Iranian energy sector is being debated in our great state. As … Continue reading

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Welcome to Our Sweet Blog

Jarvis and I would like to welcome you all to our little corner of the Internet! We are currently in the editing process with a series of feature articles about Mike Gatto and the political issues that matter most to … Continue reading

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