7 Fountains That Remind Jarvis Mitchell of Mike Gatto

Water fountains shoot water much like a cock shoots jizz.  So it’s only natural that some water fountains could make you think of a jizzing cock.  Mike Gatto has a big jizzing cock.  That is so sweet.



This is a water fountain but it looks like a giant cock.  Mike Gatto has a giant cock.



This is a dude with a giant cock, but it’s not Mike Gatto.  It is a water fountain.



Sweet fountain, dude.  It looks like Mike Gatto’s jizzing cock.



Yeah, that’s pretty much a big dick.



This chick wants a big dick to jizz in her face, but all she has is a water fountain.



This is a bukkake fountain.



Nice socks, lady.

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Download Our First Album!

Hey Gatto-Nation!  We’ve been super busy around here, not only covering the news of Mike Gatto and producing the first ever Mike Gatto podcast, but I’m also happy to announce that we’ve also recorded an entire concept album about Mike Gatto, his big dick and his two amazingly soft balls.  It’s available for free to download or stream in our multimedia section.

If there’s a Grammy category for best concept album about the California State Legislature, then we’re a fucking lock.  Daulton and I will start writing our acceptance speeches tonight.

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The Godfather III of Mike Gatto Podcasts

Grab some fat blunts and your favorite prescription narcotics… it’s time for the Godfather III of Mike Gatto podcasts.  And by that, we mean that it’s the fucking best Mike Gatto podcast ever period full stop fuck you.

Can Daulton Gatto spell “nutsack?”  Can he put his finger up his butt?  Only one way to find out!  Download and subscribe to our podcast so you can listen on the go!  Oh, and please leave us a good review so we can find more viewers who care about the California State Legislature and dog boners.

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Daulton Gatto Can’t Spell “Nutsack”

That’s dumb.  You can hear the whole dumb story on our next podcast.  Check back later this week!!!!


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A Bunch of Dudes Suck Mike Gatto’s Dick

A whole bunch of dudes and two chicks sucked Mike Gatto’s dick on the floor of the State Assembly recently.  Those dudes were Matt Dababneh, Bill Dodd, Eric Lender, Donald Wagner, Ian Calderon, Reggie Jones-Sawyer, Scott Wilk, and Jim Patterson, his self-described “Seat Mate.”  The chicks were Beth Gains and Lorena Gonzalez.

The dick sucking was metaphorical, of course, because there’s no way those douchebags could fit Mike Gatto’s giant cock in their mouths.  The occasion for all this metaphorical dick sucking?  Gatto’s departure from the Assembly after being termed out.

Honestly, it’s not that interesting.  I was going to type up some highlights, but there weren’t any.  These people are such boring douches.  So instead, I’ll use a quote from the fictitious Assemblyman, Wilfred P. Scrotumbutt.

“Assemblyman Gatto was the kind of Representative we don’t see ’round here no more,” mused Rep. Scrotumbutt (R – San Diego) as he wiped a tear from his eye, “He’s a sweet dude with a big dick and two amazingly soft balls, and all these other people are giant douches who suck my ass.”

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New Memes!!

I posted a few new memes in our multimedia section because memes are so sweet.  They make you laugh and they teach you about the world.  Sweet!!


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Memo to Our New Readers: Dog Boners Pretty Much Rule

We’ve had a sudden surge in readership here at Mike Gatto Is a Sweet Dude, which I attribute, at least in part, to the smashing success of our second podcast. If you haven’t listened to it yet, stop being a douche and check it out.

For those of you who are just joining our super sweet blog, don’t be put off by all the talk about dog boners. They are an essential part of what makes Mike Gatto Is a Sweet Dude such a sweet website. Also, if you can think of anything sweeter than a male dog jizzing on a hot female dog with human tits, tell us all about it in the comments!



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