Cats Sucking Dogs

The world is full of truly awesome shit.  Today, makes it possible to watch cats sucking dog dicks.  Here are my ten favorite videos of cats giving dogs blowjobs.











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New Podcasts are UP!


Much to my surprise, Daulton Gatto actually followed through with his promise to pay for the Soundcloud upgrade.  That means we’re now free to post our newest podcast, SPOTLIGHT ON ARMENIA.  This first episode provides an overview of Armenian history, and will prime listeners for future episodes in the series that will delve deeper into specific topics like art, cuisine and Holocaust denial.


And for those of our listeners uninterested in Armenian history or culture, you can sink your teeth into this juicy podcast extra, HOW DO YOU SPELL NUTSACK?  Daulton tries to convince me it’s spelled “nutsac.”  He’s such a dumbass.  It’s so sweet.



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2016 Election Recap!

If there was one word to describe the 2016 election, it would probably be stunning.  With 100% of the precincts reporting, it’s shaping up to be a very good night for Mike Gatto, a dude who’s not even on the ballot.


For anyone too stupid to know why this matters, Laura Friedman was Mike Gatto’s favored candidate in the race to replace him in the 43rd district.  She beat the shit out of Ardy Kassakhain, Anthony Portantino’s bitch.  Portantino and Gatto may have never faced off directly as we all assumed they would, but their fight — and by extension, the fight for the future of the state party — has raged on through several notable proxies.

That other proxy would be Angela Rupert, who even though she lost, gave Adrin Nazarian (aka Dildo Assmouth) a real run for his money considering her candidacy was a late-breaking write-in hail marry.

Now both Friedman and Rupert have established themselves as viable progressive voices in the party.  Portantino may have won his race, but it’s hard to not interpret these results a referendum on his vision for the Gatto-phobic future of the party.

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SWEET NEWS: More Podcasts Forthcoming 

Good news, sweet dudes: there will be more podcasts in your stream any day now.  Our resident lazy turd, Daulton Gatto, has decided to pony up the seven bucks a month to host more episodes of our awesome podcast.  And that’s a good thing because we already have two more finished episodes in the can!  Check back soon for SPOTLIGHT ON ARMENIA, our new series that explores the proud history and culture of Armenia!!!


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We Got a New Sweet Podcast

Daulton and I went on a bit of a podcasting spree while his mother, Betty Gatto, was out of town for a while.  She was probably sucking dicks.  That’s so sweet.

Anyways, we put together an all new episode featuring news of Mike Gatto, some reader submitted sex fantasies, and a collection of prank calls Daulton and I made to talk radio shows.  We also produced a podcast extra on the correct spelling of “nutsack,” as well as the first episode of Spotlight on Armenia, a new series in which we celebrate the history and culture of Armenia.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to post those other podcasts because we’ve exceeded our free upload allotment at SoundCloud.  After years of doing all the of the work and paying all of the bills for our site, I’ve decided to let Daulton step up to the plate and do something for once.  So unless he can overcome his terminal laziness and stinginess and pay the $7 a month fee, this may be the last Mike Gatto is a Sweet Dude podcast.  Which would be a shame because Spotlight on Armenia is probably our finest work.

Oh yeah, and in order to post our new podcast, SoundCloud had to take down our first one.  So again, until Daulton can become 1% less lazy, that’s gone too.

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Angela Rupert is a Sweet Dude

It’s highly unusual for our site to endorse or otherwise advocate on behalf of a candidate not named Mike Gatto, but in the race for the State Assembly’s vaunted 46th district, we couldn’t be more pleased to announce our support for Angela Rupert.


Rupert is waging an underdog write-in campaign against the entrenched establishment powers of Adrin Nazarian, or as he’s also known, Dildo Assmouth.  Despite the long odds, she’s got a slick site and a host of appealing stances on issues like education, the environment and immigration.

According to baseless slander from the Dildo Assmouth’s unofficial campaign mouthpiece, Rupert was clandestinely recruited by Mike Gatto to face off against Dildo Assmouth as some sort of retribution against Anthony Porkertino, Dildo Assmouth’s sackmaster.

So far, we’ve been unable to prove whether or Gatto and Rupert are politically aligned, but they certainly seem to be drawn from the same superior DNA pool.  She’s a hot chick, he’s a hot dude, and they’re both so extremely sweet that I get a major boner when I imagine them fucking.

Sadly, the same can not be said of Pokertino and Dildo Assmouth, as they are both ugly and stupid and eat their each other’s shit.  Quite frankly, Sacramento already has enough fat, ugly assholes licking the shit off each other’s butt dildos.  It is within that regard that our site is pleased to offer it’s official endorsement to Angela Rupert in the race for the 46th Assembly district.


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Mayor Sam Podcast TAKEDOWN!

Gooooooooood Morning Gatto Nation!  It’s been a week or so since our glorious internet takedown of Mayor Sam, that shitty blog that posted a bunch of shitty bullshit about Mike Gatto.  It was so awesome when I think about it,  a little bit of pre-cum bubbles to the tip of my dickhole.

I love jizz.  That’s why Daulton and I decided we should tape an entire podcast dedicated to how shitty that bullshit Mayor Sam article was.  But we don’t stop there… we also discuss Anthony Portantino’s fatness and his former Chief of Staff Trent Hager’s stupidity in using Ashely Madison to try and cheat on his wife.  This podcast is so awesome that when I think about it, that little dot of pre-cum on the tip of my dickhole turns into a full-on raging torrent of hot, salty jizz.  That is so sweet.

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